01 Mar 2015
March 1, 2015

Types of steel structures

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Towering steel structure

Towering steel structure contains television tower, microwave towers, communication towers, high-voltage transmission line tower, petrochemical towers, atmospheric monitoring tower, rocket towers, travel watchtower, drilling tower, exhaust towers,
water towers, chimneys, etc., most towering structures are made of steel structure . 336 m high television tower in Heilongjiang current maximum versatility steel tower in China,and a lots of same type of 200 ~ 300 m of steel towers,
China 60–70 years in the 20th century built a large steel tower mast structure 200 m Guangzhou TV Tower, 210 m Shanghai TV Tower, Nanjing 194 m transmission line tower, 325 m Beijing environmental climate mast.
1990 Shantou completed 212m tower, 260m Daqing television Tower is also steel. Volume and a wide range of high-rise structure is the communication tower and transmission tower, followed by information and power development, which is about 50 m
steel tower will be across the vast land.

Steel plate and shell structure
Airtight container, such as large-scale oil depots and gas library, furnace shell need to be able to accept a lot of internal force and temperature change sharply blast furnace structure, large diameter high pressure pipeline steel plate and shell structure, and some large hydraulic structures for lock gate plate and shell structures.

Industry Workshop and Heavy Steel Structure
Steel Structure widely used as loading-bear in heavy steel workshop , such as open-hearth workshop of metallurgical plant, blooming plants, Mixer workshop, heavy machinery plant’s steel plant, hydraulic machine shop, forging shop, shipyard slipway workshop, aircraft assembly workshop, as well as big span roof truss , crane beam in other large production workshop .

Light Steel Structure
Light steel structure usually refers to the round steel, Angle steel, thin-wall steel structure or thin steel plate welded together,Light steel structure with the advantage of light weight, low cost, high degree of factory production , small site work, quickly construction, along with beautiful appearance, internal broad, size and space utilization high ,
In recent years, the rapid launch of light steel in China, the use of scale from industrial workshop, the stadium bleachers awning, small warehouses to residence and villa.