01 Mar 2015
March 1, 2015

Types of steel structures

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Towering steel structure Towering steel structure contains television tower, microwave towers, communication towers, high-voltage transmission line tower, petrochemical towers, atmospheric monitoring tower, rocket towers, travel watchtower, drilling tower, exhaust towers, water towers, chimneys, etc., most towering structures are made of steel structure . 336 m high television tower in Heilongjiang current maximum versatility steel tower.. read more →

18 Oct 2014
October 18, 2014

The type of Steel Structure Buildings

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In civil engineering, steel structure is widely used. Due to the use of function and structure of different ways, there are many different kinds of steel structure, form each different buildings, for example, read more →

Traditional construction industry depends on concrete, large energy consumption and recovery difficulty, how to find a more environmentally friendly building materials new topic for the construction of green revolution. read more →

Currently ,China Steel Structure and Heavy steel structure  widely used in bridges, high-rise buildings, factories, airports, railway stations, bus stations, stadiums and other buildings only take 20years.The United States, Japan, Russia and other Western countries has been a century ,technology and application of steel Structure and Heavy steel structures is an important indicator of a.. read more →